Do you take reservations?

Nope!  We are a fast casual, counter-service concept so you will wait in line and then order with our wonderful cashiers.  You then take a number and have a seat.  We will bring your food quickly once it is prepared.

I often see long lines out your door – does it move fast?

Answer: YES – it moves very quickly.  Usually, those waiting outside will order within 15-25 minutes (depending on the length of the line) and have their food in another 10-15 minutes or so.  We have a bunch of cool Biscuit Belly gear and merchandise inside to look at while you wait to make the time go by faster (please buy some, too!).

Why do your prices seem high for a biscuit? I can get 3 biscuits with eggs and bacon for $3.33 at <insert fast food chain here>. 

In the restaurant world, you get what you pay for.  I don’t want to know the quality of product that goes into that food.  At Biscuit Belly, all of our food is made from scratch daily from the highest quality ingredients from local and regional sources.  The biscuits are also YUGEEEE and there will likely be a to-go box that accompanies your exit.

Do you serve alcohol?

Heck yes!  We have beer and a bunch of brunch cocktails for ya.

Are the biscuits really as good as people say they are?

Our slogan isn’t “Damn Good Biscuits” for nothin’!

Do you have gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan options?

We have several options for those who have gluten-free lifestyles / medical conditions. We currently do NOT have a gluten-free biscuit.  For vegetarians, we have specific options for you (our Boomer Biscuits and Gravy, the Edgy Veggie, a salad, oatmeal, Nutella Toast and several others!).  We can also substitute any protein for smoked or fried tofu!  For those who are vegan, our only option is our house salad (sorry – it’s hard to do breakfast without butter, cream or eggs!).

 Do you cater or deliver?

We are currently working on catering options!

Can I get carryout?

We can do carryout / to-go orders during the weekdays.  We do not offer carryout over the phone on the weekends but you are welcome to come to skip the line and come to the bar and order take out on the weekends.

Do you have any secrets?

Our bar is first come, first serve and full service so you can skip the line… shhhh… don’t tell ANYONE.

Will you ever open a Biscuit Belly in another location?

Possibly, but my wife has to get on board first… please email her at [email protected] and plead your case.  You can also email other comments, complaints, books we should read, among other things if you would like.